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Princess Escape - Kids Escape Room Game Printable (Ages 5-8)

Princess Escape - Kids Escape Room Game Printable (Ages 5-8)

Difficulty Level: Ages 5-8

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Introducing our premium printable escape room, exclusively designed for kids, featuring a captivating princess theme! This printable adventure strikes the perfect balance, offering a challenging yet accessible experience that will have your children eagerly tackling all seven unique challenges. It's the ultimate DIY escape room kit that promises endless enjoyment for your little ones!

Step into a world of excitement as your kids embark on an enthralling journey, featuring seven intriguing puzzles and challenges that will ignite their imagination and keep them engrossed throughout the entire adventure.

This product is the ideal addition to a wide array of occasions and gatherings. Whether you're organizing an unforgettable party, searching for engaging activities as a school teacher, in need of enriching homeschool resources, planning an exciting family game night, or coordinating an adventurous event for your Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, this escape room fits perfectly into your plans.

What truly sets this game apart is its versatility. Not only can your child enjoy it solo, but it's also perfect for virtual gatherings with friends and family. Share the excitement with your loved ones, enabling everyone to set up the adventure and collaborate seamlessly over popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

The setup couldn't be easier. Just print, cut, and play! We've designed it to be hassle-free, eliminating the need for locks or additional materials on your end.

🔐Why Buy an Escape Room? 🔐

Printable Escape Rooms are fun for virtually any group size. The kids love the interactivity they get! You get an amazing value for what you get, especially with the ones you can buy from my shop.

🌟What Sets My Games Apart from Other Escape Rooms? 🌟

Many others are simply a bunch of code ciphers that you have to solve that are very repetitive and boring. Or you have to do some complex cutting and folding to find the answers which can be frustrating to setup and solve. You simply print, cut and play! My escape rooms are all unique puzzles that you won't have found anywhere else. You will get a unique and fun challenge every time you buy my games.

This game is part of Set 1. If you bought any other game within Set 1 you will want to know the games are fundamentally the same, just with different themes.

✂️How Long Does Setup Take? ✂️

The setup time will take approximately 15-20 minutes including cutting out the clues. After that is done, you are ready to play!

🖨️What Will You Get? 🖨️

You will receive 3 PDF files including the Clues, Story and How to Play Instructions pages. This also includes 2 pages of photo props to use after the game is over. You will receive your downloads immediately after purchase.

Note: You will only be receiving a digital download, not a physical product.

🕒How Long Will it Take to Complete the Game? 🕒

You can expect to complete the game within 30-45 minutes.

⚙️What is the Recommended Age Range? ⚙️

Ages 5-8

🔢How Many Can Play? 🔢

We recommend a minimum of 2 kids to play as a team, though just one kid is fine too. If you have more than 2 playing the game, we suggest breaking the kids into groups of two to play.

❓What is the Game About? ❓

A princess has been kidnapped!  You have been called in to help solve puzzles and help rescue the princess back to safety.

📋What Do You Need? 📋

Color Printer (Only the Clues pages need to be printed in color.)
Printer Paper (8.5" x 11")
Scrap Paper & Pens/Pencils

📝Interested in Customization? 📝

If you are interested in me customizing some aspects of the game files such as the story to include certain people's names or other events, I would be glad to do that at no charge. Feel free to message me to work out those details before or after a sale.

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"It's wonderful to find an interactive game for kids this young! The graphics are great."


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