Corporate Customers

Looking for a product to use for your organization or team to develop team building, collaboration, and fun?  Consider getting a customized corporate package from PaperEscapeCo.

What do you get? In addition to the great game play and fun experience you get from all of our games, you will also receive a more customized experience.  For instance, you can more fully get your escape room kit customized to your corporate branding.  That would include adding in your logos or graphics on the game material and adding in your company or team names into the story line.  For large clients you can even receive license to print the game for any of your offices or branches.  We can even customize the games for all of your offices if desired. If you have other ideas that you think will work great for your group we will work with you to implement them.

Where can you use these?  Corporate retreats, office parties, training sessions, holidays or just something fun for your group.

How do you get this package?  Just email us at and we will get back to you and will work out a custom price for you that works with what you need.

Want something ready to use now?  Check out this corporate bundle!  Corporate Theme Adult Bundle - Printable Escape Room – PaperEscapeCo