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80's - Escape Room Game Printable

80's - Escape Room Game Printable

Difficulty Level: 2/5

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Premium printable escape room mystery game that will provide a true challenge for you, your friends, family, or employees. This escape room kit will have you solving puzzles and secret codes. You will find that the puzzles are not the same old type of puzzles that you find in many other printable escape rooms. The puzzles can be tricky, so be aware that you may not be able to just breeze through them. Celebrate a special party or just have a fun day of solving puzzles with this printable escape room kit.

This game is ideal and thoroughly enjoyable both for experienced escape room fans and ones new to them as well. If you ever get stuck, you can always get help with the included hints. You will have 13 total puzzles/challenges to solve to complete the game successfully.

This is also an ideal game to be able to play with friends or family over the Internet as well. Once you buy the pack you are free to share the product with ones who will be playing with you remotely. They can simply setup the game the same way you are and collaborate over Zoom or some other video conference application.

📱Android App Available📱

Now you can check the answers to the puzzles with our free companion Android app. Available in the Google Play store.

*NOTE* The app is completely optional and NOT required to complete the game.

🌟What Sets My Games Apart from Other Escape Rooms? 🌟

Many others are simply a bunch of code ciphers that you have to solve that are very repetitive and boring. Or you have to do some complex cutting and folding to find the answers which can be frustrating to setup and solve. With my games you don't need to hide clues around the room for players to find. You simply print, cut and play! My escape rooms are all unique puzzles that you won't have found anywhere else. Even between my different games you won't just find the same type of clues recycled. You will get a unique and fun challenge every time you buy my games.

This escape room is great for office employees and for team building activities. This game is also perfect for small or large groups.

✂️How Long Does Setup Take? ✂️

The setup time will take approximately 15 minutes including cutting out the clues. After that is done, you are ready to play!

📝Interested in FREE Customization? 📝

If you are interested in me customizing some aspects of the game files, I would be glad to do that at no charge. Some of the typical things that I can customize for you include editing the story to include people's names that you select. Also, some of the games can have the final puzzle customized to include a person's name of your choosing! Feel free to message me to work out those details before or after a sale. I can usually make those change with 24 hours. This makes an awesome surprise for the group playing!

🖨️What Will You Get? 🖨️

You will receive 5 PDF files including the Clues, Hints, Story, How to Play Instructions and Answers pages. You will receive your downloads immediately after purchase.

Note: You will only be receiving a digital download, not a physical product.

⏳When Will You Receive Your Game? ⏳

Immediately! Right after purchase you will receive an email with the files for you to download. If you have any trouble getting that email, send us a message with your email address and I can email you a copy directly instead.

🕒How Long Will it Take to Complete the Game? 🕒

With about 4-6 players you can expect to complete the game within 1-2 hours.

If you were to want a shorter game experience, you could simply remove some of the clues. This won't affect the outcome of the game. You could even remove half of the puzzles and play the game in two sessions as another option. Feel free to reach out to me if you had any questions about doing that.

⚙️What is the Recommended Age Range? ⚙️

While all ages can play, we would recommend a minimum age of 12, but the game is totally family friendly.

🤔 What is the Difficultly Level of This Game 🤔

All my adult escape rooms are solvable by any teen or adult. Some can be more of a challenge. This game is a 3/5 difficulty.

📋What Do You Need? 📋

Color Printer (Only the Clues pages need to be printed in color.)
Printer Paper (8.5" x 11")
Scrap Paper & Pens/Pencils

🔢How Many Can Play? 🔢

We recommend at least 4 people to collaborate with as you play but you can play with as few as 1 person or as many as you want. As a general rule, having 6-10 players is ideal, but it is certainly not required.

❓What is the Game About? ❓

You are in a group of people who have been trapped in a 80's themed room.  You will need to work together as a group to solve the puzzles and figure out how to escape and figure who did this to you.

🔤What Language is Required to Play?🔤

This game, along with all its materials, is created in English. If necessary, you can translate the instructions into another language, but please note that some clues may require an understanding of English to solve.

🎞️Set Up & Gameplay Video🎞️

Check out this brief video for Set Up & Gameplay:

🔐Why Buy an Escape Room? 🔐

Printable Escape Rooms are fun for virtually any age and group size. They are fun for ones who have done physical escape rooms before and ones who have not tried any before. They are also great for anyone who just loves to solve puzzles. You get an amazing value for what you get, especially with the ones you can buy from my shop.

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"Directions were clear and easy to follow, puzzles had a lot of variety. I would order similar products from this seller in the future!"

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